Coal Mining jobs near me in ACNR Central City, KY USA

Coal Mining jobs near me - 

Coal Mining jobs:  Qualifications for Underground Mining Position

Coal Mining jobs near me in ACNR Central City, KY USA

Coal mining jobs near me:  Candidates for the underground mining position must meet the following criteria:

1. **Work Environment:**

   - Ability to work approximately 900 feet underground for 8-10 hours a day.

2. **Transportation:**

   - Reliable transportation to the workplace.

3. **Attendance:**

   - Regular and punctual attendance is essential.

4. **Knowledge:**

   - Familiarity with general mining practices and understanding of State and Federal mining laws.

5. **Training:**

   - Successful completion of industry-approved training courses.

6. **Credentials:**

   - Possession of a current state-issued Experienced Miners card, if applicable.

7. **Teamwork:**

   - Ability to work safely and effectively as part of a team or independently.

8. **Screening:**

   - Successful completion of a post-offer drug test and background check.

9. **Authorization:**

   - Ability to work in the United States without the need for sponsorship.

10. **Shift Schedule:**

    - Flexibility to work on a rotating shift schedule, 24/7, with consideration for the applicant’s religious practices.

11. **Physical Abilities:**

    - Capability to lift bags of rock dust and operate rock dust machines.

    - Ability to lift from floor-to-waist and waist-to-overhead.

    - Capability for pushing/pulling as needed.

    - Endurance for standing, bending, step climbing, crawling, and working overhead.

12. **Heavy Labor:**

    - Ability to perform heavy labor and lift weights exceeding 50 pounds as required.

13. **Benefits:**

    - Eligibility for a 401k plan with a 6% employer match for those who meet the criteria.

Coal mining jobs near me: These qualifications are crucial for ensuring that candidates can thrive in the demanding conditions of underground mining while adhering to safety regulations and industry standards. Prospective employees are encouraged to carefully consider these requirements before applying for the position.

Coal Mining jobs: Responsibilities of the Mining Equipment Operator Position

As a Mining Equipment Operator, you will be entrusted with various responsibilities crucial to the safe and efficient operation of underground mining. The following duties outline the key aspects of the role: Coal mining jobs near me

1. **Operational Support:**

   - Provide direct assistance in the safe operation and maintenance of mining equipment.

   - Offer general labor support for all underground operations as directed by the supervisor.

2. **Primary Labor Role:**

   - Undertake general labor tasks assigned by the supervisor as the primary responsibility.

3. **Adaptability:**

   - Safely, effectively, and efficiently respond to changing conditions within the mine.

4. **Equipment Operation:**

   - Safely operate underground mining equipment as required for operational needs.

5. **Safety Compliance:**

   - Ensure that body mechanics, equipment, and tools are used in a safe and responsible manner.

6. **Production Responsibilities:**

   - Take responsibility for the safe and efficient production of coal and/or provide assistance in general work areas.

7. **Reliability and Compliance:**

   - Demonstrate reliability, responsibility, and dependability in fulfilling work obligations.

   - Adhere to company policies, federal and state laws, and regulatory standards.

8. **Material Oversight:**

   - Oversee the delivery of materials to designated work areas.

9. **Communication Skills:**

   - Communicate effectively with all levels of mine management and co-workers.

10. **Production Support:**

    - Perform outby production support tasks, including compliance duties, brattice work, belt and power moves, and pipe and pumping support.

11. **Safety Inspection:**

    - Visually inspect work areas for potential hazards.

12. **Flexibility:**

    - Fill in for other workers as needed.

13. **Independent Work:**

    - Work independently without direct supervision.

14. **Task Management:**

    - Organize and prioritize assigned tasks with strong attention to detail.

15. **Schedule Flexibility:**

    - Must be able to work overtime, weekends, and holidays as needed or as the schedule requires, with consideration for the applicant’s religious practices. Coal mining jobs near me

Coal Mining jobs near me: Benefits of the Position

Coal mining jobs In addition to the challenging and rewarding responsibilities, the Mining Equipment Operator position offers the following benefits:

- **Competitive Pay:**

  - Earn a competitive pay rate ranging from $25.62 to $31.25 per hour.

- **Savings Plans:**

  - Access employee savings plans for eligible employees.

- **Comprehensive Health Coverage:**

  - Enjoy comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits.

- **Insurance Coverage:**

  - Receive basic Life/ADD insurance, with optional Term Life and Accidental Life Insurance.

- **Additional Coverage:**

  - Access additional Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, and Accident Insurance benefits.

- **Disability Benefits:**

  - Qualify for short and long-term disability benefits for eligible employees.

- **Bonus Plans:**

  - Potentially earn monthly and annual bonus plans for eligible employees.

- **Time Off:**

  - Benefit from paid holidays and paid vacation time.

Coal mining jobs near me: This role offers a rewarding combination of competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits for dedicated individuals seeking a fulfilling career in underground mining.


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