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SMS Limited Career Path

When you be a part of SMSL, you do not simply take up employment - you align yourself to AN exciting manner of life - a operating life which will see you discovering your true bravery, seeking out challenges and enjoying the fun of overcoming them.

No, working at SMSL is never a job. It's a philosophy you integrate into.

At SMSL, we've got created a culture that encourages individuals to venture on the far side the transient and assume huge.

Our work places and project sites area unit the foremost sought-after coaching grounds for young engineers.

Here, the doors area unit perennially open for talent.We look for those that area unit extremely qualified, pliable and ever-interested in taking over new challenges a day.

JOB Details

  1. I Class Mines Manager MMR (U/R)- 4 Nos's
  2. II  Class Mines Manager MMR (U/R)- 10 Nos's
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  4. Foreman (U/R)- 10 No's
  5. Mining Mate  (U/R) - 20 No's
  6. Drill Operators  (U/R) - 20 No's
  7. LHD/ LPDT Operators (U/R) - 30 No's

Salary : Basis on your Interview Performance 

Contact Details:

Email :

Mobile Numbers: 07030172555

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