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The term Operations Research (OR) related to military operations during World War II. The scientists used various techniques to deal with strategic and tactical problems during the war. After the war, the scientists of the military group OR tried to apply OR techniques to civil problems related to the development of business, industry and research. During the 1950s educational institutions introduced O in their curricula. Currently, service organizations such as airlines, railways, hospitals, libraries and banks use O to improve their efficiency.

Operation Research in India

In India, operations research came into force with the opening of an operating room unit in 1949 at the Regional Research Laboratory in Hyderabad. At the same time, another OR was established in the then Defense Sciences Laboratory to address the problems of the stores, purchase and evaluation of weapons. An OR unit under Professor P.C. Mahalonobis was established in 1953 at the Institute of Statistics of India, Kolkata, to apply the OR methods in national planning and survey. 

The Operational Research Society of India (ORSI) was formed in 1957 and its first conference was held in Delhi in 1959. For academic studies, the first M.Sc. The course on O was initiated by the University of Delhi in 1963. At the same time, the Institutes of Administration of Calcutta and Ahmedabad introduced O in their MBA courses.

In the industrial sector, industries organized in India are becoming aware of the role of operations research and a good part of them have O-trained terms. Some of the Indian organizations that use OR techniques are: Airlines, Railroads, Defense Organizations, Fertilizer Corporation of India, Hindustan Steel Ltd., TaTa Iron and Steel Co .. TELCO, DCM, CSIR, STC, BHEL, SAIL, ONGC , etc.


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