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Introduction to Geology is a complete online study guide at your own pace for high school students, college students or anyone interested in studying the Earth and its systems.

Each lesson in Introduction to Geology emphasizes the understanding of the principles of physical geology that are commonly taught in high school and college classes. Professionally produced videos introduce students to the diverse and dynamic interaction systems of the Earth and show how they relate to the development of life and help us discover the secrets of our environments.

Course lessons cover topics commonly taught in introductory geology courses that include:
  • Geological time
  • Plate tectonics and mountain construction
  • Earthquakes and volcanism
  • Minerals and rocks
  • Groundwater and running water
  • Deserts and glaciers
  • Waves, beaches and coasts

The 20 lessons in video are accompanied by the content of the study guide for the student, as well as by the terms and key points that should be looked for in the video. Each lesson also includes a questionnaire to verify your understanding of the concepts presented.

So, if you are a student currently enrolled in a high school or university of geology, home education or simply interested in the dynamics of the Earth, this is the course for you. Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of physical geology, as well as a better appreciation of the world around us.


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