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MINE LEGISLATION,vinod hanumandla


Mining is not a new phenomenon; Neither is the need for a law that regulates mining new. There have been laws that guide and regulate mining activities since the 19th century. The first proposed regulation of mining in India occurred in 1890, which was presented by Lord Cross, who at that time was the Secretary of State of India, later, in 1894, for the first time he was appointed Inspector of Mines for management and management purposes. supervision.

In the year 1901, the first Law of Mines in India was promulgated, which was only applicable to the mines located in British India, which was accompanied by the establishment of the "Office of Mine Inspection" in Calcutta. Since then, the Mining Law has been enacted in 1923, 1928 and 1935.

In 1952, the Mining Law was now applicable throughout India. Since then, the Mining Law has been guiding and regulating mining activity in India, through the law it is open to necessary modifications and has been modified from time to time. It has also been observed that each state is guided by different state mining laws, since each state differs from one another.

Laws related to mining in India
Along with the Mining Law of 1952, there are many other laws that regulate and provide a framework for mining, which includes the Mining and Minerals Law (Development and Regulations) of 1975, "Auction by Competitive Bidding of the Mining Rules of Coal, 2012 ", etc. .

Mining is considered one of the important components of the economy of both a developed country and a developing country, since it increases the national income of a country while generating employment generation, on the one hand and, on the other side, implies Exhaustion, overexploitation and exploitation of non-renewable resources.

Mine according to section 2 (j) of the Mining Law means any excavation where any operation for the purpose of seeking or obtaining minerals has been or is taken from the earth by means of tunnels and axes, as well as includes open works or quarries . . All power plants, conversion stations, rectification stations, etc. used for the supply of electricity are also covered in the field of mining.


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